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Product and Commercial photography was the start for us at Daven Photography. We have mastered the art of product presentation and have imaged a multitude of products for resale. Photographing numerous products for auction sites such as Ebay, are a regular occurance. We work with state of the art equipment to portray your products in their best light. Digital tents, angled colored reflectors, and wireless timed flash help to create a one of a kind look for your products.

We offer sound photographic experience to promote your product or business. Resturant exteriors, menu items, jewelry, textiles, make-up, hotel interiors and exteriors, home sales, are just a small example of what we can image for our clients. If you need to present your product or service with it's best foot forward, let Daven Photography assist you in your creative expression. Please contact us for professional, artistic representation and affordable pricing today.